I’m using this blog as a receptacle for some of the writing I’ve done over the years. It’s incomplete for recent work, will add more as soon as time allows.

I worked for many years for an architects’ practice in London, before moving to Berlin in the late noughties.  There I ran tours, wrote articles and blogged extensively at architectureinberlin.com, among many other things. One of those other things being setting up an English bakery and cafe (with my wife) which we sold in 2014. Alongside that, I also did some architecture-themed translation work, which included a revised edition of Berlin Urban Design by Harold Bodenschatz (TU Berlin) and a translation of the frankly colossal World Atlas of Sustainable Architecture by Ulrich Pfammatter (ETH Zurich).

I returned to London in 2014, where I did an MSc in urban studies at UCL’s Geography Dept, and am now pursuing PhD research into older people and cohousing; I’m based at UCL still, but doing research in Berlin through the summer of 2017.


Twitter @archiberlin

Email jimhudson40 (at) gmail.com



One Response to “About”

  1. Leen T'Syen Says:

    i’m reading your blog with a lot of interess while hopelessly looking for plans.
    My daugther Febe is a student Interior Architecture at the University St. Lucas in Gent in Belgium. Monday she has to bring a work about Walter Gropius in front of a jury and she needs plans of his appartment in Berlin,Interbau 1957 Handelallee 3-9 in the quarter Hansaviertel.
    We can’t find them on internet. Can you help us ?
    Thank you;
    Leen T’Syen, Olen, Belgium

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