Marcos Novak

Kultureflash #141, 2nd November 2005

If architecture is as much about creating places as it is about bricks and mortar, then can a building be real if it only exists in a virtual domain? Marcos Novak would respond with a definite “yes”. Describing himself as a “trans-architect”, he came to prominence in the early nineties as a notable theorist and could be described as the godfather of virtual architecture: constructs that are conceived, and more to the point inhabited, entirely in cyberspace. And once there, why be limited by the constraints that have historically applied, such as the laws of gravity? Novak has dubbed his work “liquid architecture“; his 3-dimensional forms are created from abstract mathematics which “bend, rotate, and mutate in interaction with the person who inhabits them”. Some would argue that the very essence of architecture is the collision of theory with reality. Novak might respond that in our increasingly on-line world, “reality” exists as much in cyberspace as it does on the street.

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